Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chile: Anti-Semitic Attack

The Chilean Jewish community denounced an anti-Semitic attack in the kindergarten of the Hebrew Institute, as its facade was vandalized by unknown individuals.

Along with a swastika, the message "Juden raus" (Jews Out) was written on the wall. It had a rune-style "s", bearing similarity to the Schutzstaffel logo of Adolph Hitler's regime.

"Last night there were neo-Nazi signs gain, this time in the Children's Garden of the Hebrew Institute, #naziCh", posted Gabriel Zaliasnik, president of the Jewish Community, on Twitter.

On Monday, the lawyer himself commented in The First Coffee Cooperative about the "fervent anti-Semitism in Chile", following threats he received on the Internet.

The graffiti in the Hebrew Institute bears similarity to the Arab College case from October 2009, when the College's walls were tainted with messages such as "Palestine does not exist" and "Arab = terrorist".

Translated from: http://www.cooperativa.cl/comunidad-judia-denuncio-rayados-antisemitas-en-el-instituto-hebreo/prontus_nots/2010-08-10/105912.html

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