Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peru: Neo-Nazi Party Now Registered for Elections

Igualdad Nacional Cristiana Autónoma (INCA), a neo-Nazi and anti-Chile regional movement, got registered as a political party in Peru in March. The movement uses the swastika as its symbol and its members wear German Nazi uniforms.

(In the picture: Ricardo de Spirito Balbuena in an ACNA event, about five years ago)

ACNA’s leader, Ricardo de Spirito Balbuena, is known as “the Adolf Hitler of Tacna”. He once said “democracy is garbage” and that “the worst governments in Peru have been democratic and the best governments in Peru have been what many call dictatorships”. He was indicted seven times between 2000 and 2006 for blackmail, defamation and disturbing the peace, and served in prison in 2005 and 2006 for aggravated defamation. Recently, Spirito Balbuena said: “how can I be anti-Jewish if I’m a Christian?” and denied being a Nazi. He claims that the picture in which he appears with a swastika is a photomontage, and that his adversaries are the ones who call him “the Hitler of Tacna”.

The Peruvian electoral authority does not require political parties to have an ideology. However, Percy Medina, Secretary General of the Transparency Civil Association, mentioned that antidemocratic political parties can be considered illegal. The appeal would have to come from the Nation’s Fiscal or from the Ombudsman, and then processed by the Supreme Court of Justice,


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