Friday, January 20, 2012

Argentina: Cartoon in Major Newspaper Mocks the Holocaust

After a year of hiatus, I'm back. Hello to all!

I'll start this year with a disgusting cartoon that mocks concentration camps (and in my opinion, this post is so shocking, it makes up for the whole of 2011).

Translation of Gustavo Salas' cartoon published in Argentina's major newspaper, Pagina12:

Title: An adventure of David Gueto (Spanish for "Ghetto"): Concentration Camp DJ
DJ Gueto: "Come on, dance!! Party, party"
Prisoners: "We have nothing to celebrate about. They kill and extinguish us en masse"
DJ Gueto: "Come on! don't be so lame. Dance!!!!!!!"
Prisoners: "They kill us in gas chambers and make soap bars from our bodies... did you know that?"
Hitler: "David is right: a bit of fun wouldn't hurt you guys"
Prisoners: "Yes, Mr. Hitler"
Hitler: "Come on, have fun. Life is short"
Prisoners dance...
Hitler: "Thanks, David. If they're relaxed, the soaps turn out much better"
DJ Gueto: I can imagine... hahaha"


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  1. Looking at the state of Argentina, it is in a parallel financial mess to the Germans when their currency went into meltdown in the 1930's. And now they are courting the Hitler of the East, Ahmad - as - a -hatter of Iran?? Perfect timing for the nazis to climb out of their coffins!!