Friday, January 27, 2012

Argentina: Facebook Bullying

We've all been targets of Nazism, racism or anti-Semitism cyber-bullying, one way or another. Here's a prime example of a user who decided to post hate propaganda in five Jewish groups on Facebook (they're all the same):

Posting #1
Posting #2
Posting #3
Posting #4
Posting #5

The picture reads: "DEATH TO THE DAMN JEWS"

Translation of caption: "卐 Death to all Jews. I hope the 3rd Second World War starts soon, sons of bitches and that all your children and family die. I wish there will be a gas chamber again and a new Hitler. You are not human, you are crap. I see you walking on the street and want to vomit, always with your dirty clothes. Hopefully your children will die and your women will be raped by neonazis 卐 Greetings, Heil Hitler!

Please note that:
1) All punctuation and correct spelling was added by me, as the original writer's Spanish clearly demonstrates poor schooling.
2) Please note "the 3rd Second World War". This is direct translation.
3) Feel free to report the user (Melina Valeria Aquisgran) to Facebook.

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  1. Good job. The pictures seem to have been removed.